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Currently, this lab is not accepting any undergraduate students.

Adolescence is a period of increased risk for suicidal thoughts, behaviors, and death by suicide. Our research group examines individual and systemic factors that increase suicide risk during this developmental period, particularly focused on the role of social media and sleep. To better assess these factors as they unfold in real time and in the real world, our research uses self-report surveys, qualitative interviews, clinical interviews, and monitoring methods that are active (e.g., asking questions several times per day) and passive (capturing sleep and smartphone activity). Students should be willing and able to work in the lab for at least two semesters (or a semester and a summer). There is an online application available about our research and the position on the lab website.


Undergraduate Office
(848) 445-4036
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Undergraduate Vice Chair
Professor Judith Hudson

Associate Undergraduate Vice Chair
Professor Linnea Dickson

Director of Advising
Professor David Wilder

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