Staff Profiles and Contacts

Alisa Ray

Laboratory Researcher
Phone: 1.8484450946
Office: Psychology 251

Roles: Support for animal-research, animal orders, and local guidance for REHS and CMR related issues.

Anne Sokolowski

Senior Graduate Administrator
Phone: 1.8484452555
Office: Psychology 203

Roles: Support for all graduate student administrative issues from application through degree certification. 

Acts as coordinator of the Graduate Program. Assists with advising students about registration, rules and procedures pertaining to graduate education, admissions process, payroll, funding allocations and processing, Teaching Assistant assignments, course scheduling, and maintenance of the department listservs for graduate communications.  Maintains records of all student committees and degree certifications.

Candace Green

Senior Department Administrator
Phone: 1.8484458968
Office: Psychology 305

Roles: All hiring, appointment, reappointment and  promotions, Busch building-related issues, visitor parking for Busch, and all parking-related issues at Busch and Tillett

Colleen Lord

Program Coordinator I
Office: Tillett Hall 101

Roles: Undergraduate Support

Krystal Whitehead

Undergraduate Student Advising Counselor
Phone: 1.8484458968
Office: Tillett 101

Roles: The SONA program, website updates or announcements, and support for specific undergraduate issues.

Mike Jones

Business Assistant II
Phone: 1.8484450673
Office: Psychology 207

Roles: Student and hourly worker timesheet submission and follow up, check depositing, purchasing support, and new vendor setup and payment.

Nancy DeSantis

Business Specialist
Phone: 1.8484458928
Office: Psychology 207

Roles: Project accounts and related issues, payroll, purchase order and other business office follow up, work-study student assignment, and RAPPS or ECERT questions.

Tamela Pringle Wilcox

Unit Computing Manager
Phone: 1.8484458985
Office: Psychology 129

Roles: All Information-technology (IT) related requests including hardware or software approval and ordering.

Zsofia Pal

Phone: 1.8484452556
Office: Psychology 207

Roles: Grant application assistance, grant/project spending, and department-level emergencies or matters.