Genes, Environment, and Neurodevelopment in Addictions

The Genes, Environment, and Neurodevelopment in Addictions (GENA) research program is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research team that is made up of Dr. Jessica Salvatore (Director and Associate Professor of Psychiatry), Dr. Sally Kuo (Assistant Professor of Psychiatry), Dr. Megan Cooke (Research Associate), and Psychology doctoral student Erin Lumpe. The mission of the GENA program is to understand how genetic and environmental factors contribute to the onset, persistence, and remission of alcohol and other substance use disorders. Undergraduate research assistants in the GENA program will have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of potential research activities, such as programming and testing online surveys/study protocols, participant recruitment and data collection, and assisting with data cleaning, reduction, analysis; developing study documentation; and the preparation of manuscripts and scientific presentations.

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