The Regulation, Action, and Motivated Perception Lab is currently recruiting motivated research assistants interested in a rich and comprehensive research experience. The RAMP Lab, directed by Dr. Shana Cole, studies the social cognitive and perceptual processes that predict and promote effective goal pursuit. Current projects explore the role of motivated visual perception in managing relationship, dieting, smoking, political, and exercise goals.

RAs will gain hands-on experience in all aspects of the research process, including attending lab meetings where new ideas are developed and ongoing research is discussed, contributing to the design and implementation of study materials, helping with data entry and analysis, and most importantly, spending time in the lab and in the field helping to conduct social psychological experiments.

While no specific prior experience is required, we do expect that applicants will have completed basic introductory psychology courses. As a result, the lab experience is best suited for sophomores, juniors, or seniors. RAs will be expected to spend approximately 5-10 hours/week involved in the lab. In addition, we ask that students only apply if they are able to commit at least two semesters to working in the lab.

Please visit our lab website at for an application​.