Majoring in Psychology can take you where you want to go!

The Psychology major provides a path to your career in Psychology, whether your interests lead you to become a therapist, counselor, consultant, or researcher.  The major is also an excellent foundation for careers in other fields that draw upon psychology such as business, education, law, and medicine.  In addition to classroom work, Psychology majors have the opportunity to engage in research with faculty as well as to have hands-on experience outside the classroom.

Information for Prospective Psychology Students (PDF)

Path to Clinical Psychology PhD

What Can I Do With a Psychology Degree?

Jonathan Vides

"I am trying to understand my own reality through a scientifically grounded perspective"

Jonathan Vides

Study Psychology

Learn about how you and others think, feel, and behave
Explore topics applicable to careers in Business, Medicine, Law, and Education as well as Psychology
Learn how to plan research and evaluate findings
Engage in opportunities that apply Psychology outside the classroom

The Department of Psychology is part of the School of Arts and Sciences

As a Psychology major in the School of Arts and Sciences, you’ll have full access to a liberal arts education that spans 47 programs for undergraduates. You will acquire both the specialized knowledge of the field you choose to study in depth, and broad knowledge of the world from the renowned scholar-teachers at Rutgers. You’ll graduate ready to meet contemporary challenges in your workplace, in your hometown, and in the global community.

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