ADVANCED - 2 Course Program for Specialty Certifcate 

For those who have successfully completed our General or Accelerated Track Programs, the following short 2 couse programs are considered specialty courses earning specialty certificates.  A new certificate with the specific specialty earned will be noted on the certificate.

For those who would be taking the following 2 course program as a stand alone will receive a program certificate for the specific program and a program certificate.

This program is also applicable to those participants who work outside the school setting and/or who are after or out of school providers.

  (300) Students Taking Action Together (STAT) Two-Course Online Certificate Program

Program Description:

Students Taking Action Together is an 2-course online advanced certificate program that presents the five instructional strategies that are part of the Students Taking Action Together (STAT) social action pedagogy.  STAT-301 and STAT-302 are organized around 10 units within each course, to be completed sequentially.  Students go through units with unit completion due dates to facilitate the completion of assignments.  Live chats are held every other unit with the instructor.

 Given that the strategies can be implemented in the classroom, small-group environments (e.g., counseling sessions, advisories), and in after-school clubs, this course is designed for educators, school mental health professionals, after-school personnel, and administrators. 

(301) Students Taking Action Together - STAT Course 1 (2 CEU) - 
Course 1 focuses on the strategies - Norms, Yes-No-Maybe, Respectful Debate, Audience-Focused Communication, and PLAN - are grounded in research and have been developed so middle and high school teachers can integrate social-emotional learning skills (SEL) and civil discourse into existing curriculum content. This course has been constructed to take a minimum of 10 hours to complete, yielding 1 professional development credit or continuing education unit (CEU).  REGISTER NOW

 Cost: $334.00


(302) Students Taking Action Together - STAT Course 2 (1 CEU) 

Course 2 is the practicum course that allows students to develop STAT plans and deliver them directly to students with the assistance of their course instructor.  Participants must successfully complete STAT 1 before they can register for STAT 2.  REGISTER NOW

 Cost: 313.00


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