Faculty Profile

Leyro, Teresa

Teresa Leyro will be joining our faculty in the spring of 2014. Her research interests lie in identifying the roles of cognitive-affective and biological vulnerability in the etiology and maintenance of substance use, with a focus on tobacco dependence, anxiety, and their comorbidity. Her translational research program employs stress provocation paradigms to explore the complex relations between these vulnerabilities and associated psychological impairment, in order to inform the development and subsequent testing of novel treatment interventions and adjuncts. Her integrative work complements that of Drs. McCarthy, Selby, and Contrada in the Psychology Department, Drs. Marsha Bates and Elizabeth Epstein at the Center of Alcohol Studies, as well as that of Drs. Jill Williams and Marc Steinberg in the Department of Psychiatry, and Dr. Leyro looks forward to many rich collaborative opportunities. Upon her arrival, she will be teaching Abnormal Psychology at the undergraduate level. She will also serve as a research mentor to clinical graduate students and will be taking applications for the fall of 2014.