• Estelle Mayhew
  • Estelle Mayhew
  • Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Phone: 1.8484452158
  • Office: Tillett Hall 229
  • Campus: Livingston

I received my PhD in Cognitive Developmental Psychology from Rutgers New Brunswick in 2009 and joined the faculty that same year.

My main research interests are the development of planning, procrastination, and understanding of time. I am specifically interested in how, and in what order, children gain an understanding of the various aspects of time. To that end my research examines the role that various factors, such as language exposure, instruction, and involvement in planning, play in the development of time understanding.

I am also interested in the development of planning in real world contexts, and the different demands that various planning tasks place on the planner. I am investigating variations in planning performance on tasks with temporal, spatial and contingency constraints in adults, mother-child dyads, and children. Another long-standing interest of mine is procrastination, and the interaction of planning capabilities, time orientation, and personality characteristics in generating procrastinatory actions.