Research Assistants

Kayla Doodnath

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I am a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and minoring in Psychology. As a pre-medical student, I am interested in clinical psychology and addiction. I am specifically interested in how both the disciplines of psychology and medicine can work together to create impactful treatments for patients that suffer from substance abuse disorders. Working alongside the skilled graduate students and lab members here has furthered my interest in clinical research while allowing me to gain an in-depth knowledge of the discovery process. I currently work as an Alcohol and Other Drugs peer educator with HOPE on campus and as a crisis counselor which has also given me a unique perspective on substance abuse. Some of my current hobbies include cooking, video editing, drawing, and hiking all the different trails in my area.



Joshua Garcia

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I am a senior at Rutgers University graduating with a degree in Psychology and Philosophy. My overall goals are to obtain my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and to serve my while simultaneously working in academia either as a full-time professor or a part-time lecturer. My current research interests include young adolescent and young adult populations, bipolar disorder, mania and depression, and how they relate specifically to religious experiences and spirituality. My hobbies include reading, writing, dance and music.

Emily Khan

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I am a junior at Rutgers, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Resources. After graduating, I aim to pursue further education by going to Physician's Assistant School. Because of my passion for psychology and helping people, my research interests include studying mental illness and its behavioral effects on people. I looks forward to learning from the research the ABUSA Lab will conduct in order to help her better understand anxiety and mood disorders. When I am not in class or in the lab, I am usually baking and trying out new recipes or binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix.

Kathleen Kildosher

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I am a junior in the School of Arts and Sciences, pursuing a major in Psychology and minor in Sociology. I am an Army veteran, interested in military mental health and substance use. I am currently working on a project with the lab on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and unemployment on depression. I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Clinical Psychology with the goal of serving the military/veteran population.

Grace Martin

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I am a senior in the School of Arts and Sciences pursuing my B.A. in Psychology with honors and minor in Anthropology. Prior to working at the ABSUA lab, I worked with Jack Aiello in the Social and Organizational lab and interned at the University Behavioral Center: Child Day Program. I am particularly passionate about investigating the etiology, risk, and protective factors for mood and anxiety disorders in pediatric populations. Furthermore, I am interested in how these factors may impact treatment interventions. Fun Fact: I have had classical opera training for over 9 years!

Isabella Napoletano

I am a senior majoring in Psychology and Cognitive Science and minoring in Philosophy. My previous experience at the Biomedical Research Institute of New Jersey stemmed my passion for neuropsychology and linking physiology with behavior. My main interests include emotion dysregulation and speech-language pathology, and I am excited to learn and gain experience at the ABUSA lab that will help her pursue her future education and career goals.