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Informational Webinars about the SEL Academy!

The SEL Academy has created a set of six different informational webinars

explaining various aspects of the Academy Program. 

These webinars have been recorded and are available by

clicking below…  

 (1) SEL and Equity 101: A Practical Approach (April  Terrell)

This webinar will aid participants in viewing SEL from an equity perspective. Centering on the self awareness competency, one will begin to think about comfortability and capability of discussing topics of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Belonging with students; we will define common language and terms; and determine ways to serve as an anti-racist educator.


(2) Academy Overview:  How and Why to Obtain a Certificate in SEL Instruction and/or SEL School Leadership (Patricia Heindel, Maurice Elias)

 As an SEL practitioner—whether working directly with students or leading adults in bringing SEL into your school as an SEL Coordinator, lead teacher, or school administrator—having a certificate from the Academy connects you with a network of professionals sharing your job all over the US and the world.  Stop reinventing the wheel and start benefiting from colleagues’ work and sharing your own innovations!  This webinar will introduce you to the Academy and its primary approaches to fostering social-emotional and character development in schools.


(3) How to Integrate SEL into Social Studies/Civics/History and other Academic Areas via Students Taking Action Together (STAT), and into Tier 2 Interventions via the Social-Emotional Learning Lab (SEL Lab) - Lauren Fullmer and Tracey Maiden

Join us to learn about two short courses that will help you to intentionally integrate SEL skills into your content area instruction, as well as take a preventive approach to academic and behavioral challenges you may face through Tier 2 Interventions.  In just 45 quick minutes, we will share with you about the content and delivery of two short courses: Students Taking Action Together and The Social-Emotional Learning Lab.  


 (4) How to Instruct Students in ANY SEL/Character Program Effectively (Erin Bruno)

During this webinar we will explore best practices for developing SECD skills in your students.  We will also look at SEL signature practices that can support the SECD skills and help to create a safe,positive learning environment.



(5) Leading SEL Implementation in Schools  (William Trusheim, Donna Black, Vickie Blakeney)

Come and join us for this webinar which covers fundamental theory and practice regarding Social-Emotional Learning, Character Development, and School Culture and Climate at the level of the program, school, or district.  A basic understanding of these fundamentals leads to a discussion of important leadership principles and practices that help to engage staff, students, parents, and community in building these life skills into the fabric of the school program. Finally, it is important for leaders in a school or district to understand how to develop a core of followers and distribute both leadership and ownership of the program to others invested in the school’s success.



(6) Principles of Staff Development for Expertise in SEL/Character Instruction Principles of Staff Development for Expertise in SEL/Character Instruction  (Paty Meacham, Scott Taylor)

We invite you to join our webinar and share a brief journey of discovery that describes the SECD Instruction and Leadership practicum courses as opportunities for candidates to build expertise in putting their knowledge of theories and pedagogy into day-to-day practices.  Let's begin!


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