Welcome to our 2 NEW ADVANCED Certificate Courses/Programs.


 STAT - Students Taking Action Together AND

the Social-Emotional Lab Specialty Certificate Programs


These 2 programs (STAT and/or the SEL LAB) can be completed as:

1) a stand alone program for those with 5+ years SECD teaching experience

2) as a next step after graduating from either the General Track or Accelerated Track Programs.

3) a stand alone specialty program for those new to SEL/CD field and find the need for either one or both of these programs.


(1) Fall 2022: The Social-Emotional Learning Lab Two-Course Online Certificate Program!

Program Description:

Imagine a place where your students could go to learn in a one on one or small group setting the SECD skills/traits needed to improve academic performance, their relationships with others and their own self awareness.  NOW also imagine an after school place where students can learn SECD skills in a one on one situation and their parents can learn to coach their child.

The SEL Lab is such a place!

This two course program will add another dimension to your SECD prevention Program.  The SEL Lab will be a welcomed addition to your SECD whole school or classroom programming.  Those successfully completing The SEL Lab Program will be able to set up and facilitate an SEL Lab in your school (or remotely).   

The first course is a 12 week course that will take students through the history, mechanics, and facilitation of initiating and implementing your SEL Lab. During this time live trainings will take place as students create their own SEL Lab kit preparing them for use during the practicum.

The second course (the practicum) is a 10 week course that will allow students to start up their lab and begin working with students under the mentorship of our trained and experience SEL Lab Instructors. 

For more specific information on this course/program, click here

Students enrolling in this program will need to purchase a book prior to the start date (https://www.researchpress.com/search-1/SEL%20Lab)





(2) Fall 2022: Students Taking Action Together (STAT)  Two-Course Online Certificate Program!

Program Description:

Students Taking Action Together is a 2-course online program that presents the five instructional strategies in Course 1 (STAT 301) that are part of the Students Taking Action Together (STAT) social action pedagogy and a Practicum 302 experience for course 2 (STAT 302).   Both courses are organized around 10 units within each course, to be completed sequentially.  Students go through units with unit completion due dates to facilitate the completion of assignments.  Live chats are held every other unit with the instructor.

 Given that the strategies can be implemented in the classroom, small-group environments (e.g., counseling sessions, advisories), and in after-school clubs, this course is designed for educators, school mental health professionals, after-school personnel, and administrators. 

You can find additional information about both of these new programs by clicking here