March 2021- Gloria's paper (written while she was a senior undergraduate) was accepted for publication as a manuscript in the Mental Health and Physical Activity Journal!

        March 2021- Alex will be starting a PsyD Program at Yeshiva University in the Fall! Congratulations on all your hard work, Alex!

Sept 2020- Jacqueline Smith joins the Rutgers Clinical Psychology PhD Program as Dr. Farris' second graduate student! Welcome, Jacqueline!

        Sept 2020- The REHAB Lab has temporarily relocated to 1 Spring St! Anagha joins as the new laboratory manager.

Aug 2020- Emily starts graduate school in the PhD Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Central Florida! We will miss you Emily, but are SO proud of you!

Aug 2020- Mindy's first-author manuscript is published! Access the publication here!

May 2020- Research Assistant Gloria Gomez is awarded the Henry Rutgers Scholar Award for her Honors Thesis: "The role of anxiety sensitivity in understanding sex differences in physical activity behavior"! Congratulations to Gloria for this amazing accomplishment!

April 2020- Collaboration begins with Dr. Michael Otto's (Boston University), Dr. Michael Zvolensky's (University of Houston) and Dr. Teresa Leyro's (Rutgers) labs! The research teams are conducting a multi-site study of the impact of COVID-19 on the population and psychological health factors.

March 2020- Dr. Farris and Dr. Teresa Leyro (Rutgers) are awarded research funding from the Cancer Institute of New Jersey! Biofeedback and puff topography will be collected in daily smokers with elevated emotional distress during a breathing intervention to promote potential smoking cessation outcomes.

March 2020- Shanzeh Nasir and Megan Heye, B.A. join the REHAB laboratory as Research Assistants!

March 2020- Emily's first-author manuscript "Distress intolerance in relation to reliance on cigarettes for weight, shape, and appetite control"is published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine! Access the publication here.

November 2019- Dr. Farris presents in two symposiusms at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies annual conference!

October 2019- Neha Rao and Michelle Grazioli join the REHAB laboratory as Research Assistants!

September 2019- Nathania Lutero joins the REHAB Laboratory as a Research Assistant!

July 2019- Patients with migraine avoid exercise. Fear-avoidance and anxiety sensitivity may be the explanation. Check out our recent publication in Cephalalgia that is trending.

June 2019- The REHAB Lab's Psychophysiology Exercise room is fully assembled! This space will allow for metabolic testing and behavioral research during exercise. Thank you to Dr. Brandon Alderman and his graduate students for their invaluable help and support with setting up this lab!

June 2019- The REHAB Lab begins collaborating with the Cardio Metabolic Institute in Somerset! Interventionists associated with the lab will be helping to provide behavioral health services to patients attending clinical programs to promote adherence to cardiopumonary rehabilitation methods.

June 2019- Even though exercise is helpful for migraine, nearly 80% of women with migraine report avoiding physical activity. Check out our recent publication in Cephalalgia Reports conducted in collaboration with  the Association of Migraine Disorders

June 2019- Dr. Farris' article on anxiety sensitivity as a risk indicator for anxiety, depression, and headache in women with migraine is accepted for publication in Headache: the Journal of Head and Face Pain!  This study was conducted in collaboration with the Association of Migraine Disorders. Here is the citation: 

Farris, S. G., Burr, E. K., Abrantes, A. M., Thomas, J. G., Godley, F. A., Roth, J. L., Lipton, R. B., Pavlovic, J. M., Bond, D. B. (2019). Anxiety sensitivity as a risk indicator for anxiety, depression, and headache severity in women with migraine. Headache. doi: 10.1111/head.13568. [Epub ahead of print]

April 2019- The REHAB Lab represents at Rutgers Day! We provided community attendees information on mental and physical health and Physical Activity Challenge to raise awareness of practices to improve the health of our community. (see Gallery at the bottom of the page)

March 2019- Mindy Kibbey accepts a position as Dr. Farris' first Graduate Student!

March 2019- The REHAB lab presents two posters at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America annual conference! Farris et al. (2019) was chosen as an ADAA Awards Program Honoree! (see Gallery at the bottom of the page)

March 2019- The REHAB lab presents a poster at the Society of Behavioral Medicine annual conference! (see Gallery at the bottom of the page)

February 2019- Recruitment begins for Project SHE!

January 2019- Xinhua Huang joins the REHAB Laboratory as a Research Assistant!

January 2019- Gloria Gomez joins the REHAB Laboratory as a Research Assistant!

December 2018- Mindy Kibbey joins the REHAB Laboratory as the Primary Project Coordinator for BE-FIT!

November 2018- Idil Franko begins collaborating with the REHAB Laboratory as a Graduate Student!

November 2018- Rachel Rosen begins collaborating with the REHAB Laboratory as a Graduate Student!

October 2018- Laura Faraci joins the REHAB Laboratory and will be serving as a Research Assistant! 

September 2018 - Dr. Farris received a two-year grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse entitled "Daily-Level Analysis of Ovarian Hormones, Smoking and Anxiety"! This grant will be applied to the upcoming Smoking Health Evaluation (SHE) study. 

September 2018 - Dr. Farris received a 2018 Busch Biomedical Research Seed Grant from Rutgers University entitled “Reducing Fear of Body Sensations and Exercise Avoidance in Cardiac Rehabilitation"! This grant will be applied to the upcoming Exercise Promotion study for patients attending cardiac rehabilitation at the Cardio Metabolic Institute.

August 2018 – Dr. Farris has a new study that was accepted for publication with co-author Dr. Leyro! This study will be published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research as part of a special issue focused on Non-Pharmacological Treatments for Smokers with Mental Health Symptoms. Here is the citation:

Farris, S. G., Aston, E. R., Leyro, T. M., Brown, L. A., & Zvolensky, M. J. (in press). Distress intolerance and smoking topography in the context of a biological challenge. Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

August 2018 – Dr. Farris’ recent publication on the effects of the menstrual cycle on emotion and smoking was featured in the journal Cognitive Behavior Therapy! Check out the website.

August 2018 – Emily Burr joins the REHAB Laboratory and will serving as the Lab Manager! Emily can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks to Donna Tomaselli and Candace Green who coordinated her hire.

March 2018 – Renovations started on the Rutgers Emotion Health and Behavioral (REHAB) Laboratory! A special thanks to Zaydie Chadwick (Assistant Director of Institutional Planning and Operations), Rebecca Garner (Interior Design Specialist), Donna Piazza (Manager of Facilities and Space Planning), Zachary Grein (Business Manager), and Dr. David Vacario (Psychology Department Chairman).