Arnold Glass

Arnold Glass


Book Reviews:

Glass, A. L. (2002). Phenomenology and cognitive science: A diverse look at the issues. Contemporary Psychology, 47, 372 – 374.

Conference Proceeding:

Rahi, G. E., Saad, W., Glass, A. L., Mandayam, N. B., & Poor, V. H. (2016). Prospect theory for prosumer-centric energy trading the smart grid. Innovative smart Grid Technologies Conference, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Mathematical Models of Recognition and Recall

Functional Schematics of Neural Systems

Evan Reahm

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The goal of the project I am working on in our lab is to create accurate functional schematics of the instrumental & habit systems in the brain. I have drafted a handful of instrumental system schematics that have not yet been finalized, as well as participated in the running of behavioral experiments investigating the mechanisms of each system. 

Psychophysics of Video Quality

Prosumer Decision Making