Dr. Musolino is a cognitive scientist, public speaker, and author who holds a dual appointment in the Psychology Department and the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science (RuCCS). Dr. Musolino is also a member of the graduate faculty in the Philosophy Department at Rutgers.

Dr. Musolino was born and raised in France, and studied at the University of Geneva, in neighboring Switzerland, the University of North Wales, Bangor, in the United Kingdom, the University of Maryland, and the University of Pennsylvania. In the course of his career, he has held positions in the fields of Linguistics, Developmental Psychology, Speech & Hearing Sciences, Cognitive Psychology, and Cognitive Science.

At Rutgers, Dr. Musolino co-directs the Human Computational Cognition Laboratory (HCCL) in collaboration with Dr. Pernille Hemmer. His research spans a broad range of topics in the sciences of the mind with the overarching goal of shedding light on what makes our intelligence distinctively human. Research topics include questions about language, rationality, agency, memory, and belief formation/updating. Dr. Musolino’s research has been published in leading international journals and it has been funded by the NIH and the NSF.

Dr. Musolino’s work also takes a public dimension and explores the implications of cognitive science for a range of issues of broader societal importance. Dr. Musolino has been the recipient of multiple teaching awards for his outreach efforts, he has appeared on national television, participated in public debates, his work has been discussed in popular magazines, and he has been a guest on radio and podcast programs in the United States and abroad.