Department Leadership Profile

Kleinschmidt, Dave


I received my Ph.D. in 2016 and joined the Rutgers faculty in 2018 after a post-doc at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Research in the Learning, Adaptation, and Perception Lab (LeAP Lab) focuses on perception in a variable, multi-context world. We're particularly—but not exclusively—interested in human speech perception and language processing. Everyone speaks differently, from slight idiosyncrasies to non-native accents, and effective language comprehension requires listeners to constantly be adapting to new talkers,
learning about the variability across talkers, and remembering previous experiences to facilitate perception in new environments. Similar problems are faced by all perceptual systems, so we also explore parallels across other forms of perception, learning, and memory. Our work uses a combination of methods, from behavioral experiments to computational modeling to cognitive neuroscience.