Honors picture 2023 1

Dear Honors Students, Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff,

You undoubtedly know that we are part of a very large department with a huge undergraduate education and research component. This year, over 700 students will graduate as Psychology majors. Of those 700+ majors, only 22 will graduate with the designation “Honors Research Scholar in Psychology”. These 22 represent our most dedicated, intellectually engaged, and hard-working students.

Completing an Honors Thesis is a test of tenacity, commitment, dedication, and outright hard work. This year’s students deserve special recognition for their determination and perseverance!

As is the case most years, all of our Honors students did excellent work, both in the planning, execution, and presentation of their projects. Everyone (and every project) was outstanding! We should be proud as a department to have such a talented group of students, and the students (and their families and friends!) should be proud of the excellent work that they have done. As determined by the Honors Committee, the following students will graduate with the distinction of "Honors Research Scholar in Psychology":

Yukti Bhatt (Brian Chu/Ed Selby)

Amaya Chawla (Shana Cole)

Miaofan Chen (Jenny Wang)

Anhiti Dharmapuri (Karin Stromswold)

Kate Dickman (Diana Sanchez)

Allison Eisenberg (Shana Cole)

Ankur Gaikwad (John McGann)

Maryum Khan (Evan Kleiman)

Sneha Kumar (Shana Cole)

Alexandra Kuziemski (Karin Stromswold)

Doriana Lacitignola (Alan Leslie)

Ritika Merai (Jessica Hamilton)

Serena Moghaddas (Jessica Hamilton)

Susanne Molesko (Alex Kusnecov)

Krupa Patel (Rob Foels)

Harrison Pauwels (Diana Sanchez)

Jakub Suchojad (Karin Stromswold)

Ashley Swiecka (Lou Matzel)

Vani Vora (Estelle Mayhew)

Danielle Wysocki (Rob Foels)

Suhani Yerapathi (Alex Kusnecov)

Jasmine Yi (Jenny Wang)

Please offer all of these students your warm congratulations. We know that many of them will be pursuing graduate training in psychology or related disciplines, and we wish them all great success. We know that they will represent us with distinction!

In addition to determining the designation of Honors, each year the Honors Committee assigns several special awards. As it usually is, this was a difficult task, as all of this year’s students are so exceptional. Nevertheless, the committee determined that the following students would be this year’s recipients:

1. Suhani Yerapathi: Alice and Walter Phillips Award for Outstanding Thesis Proposal (determined last fall) 

2. Kate Dickman: Alice and Walter Phillips Award for Outstanding Thesis 

3. Serena Moghaddas: The Charles Flaherty Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

4. Susanne Molesko: Marilyn Shaw Award for Research Promise 

5. Maryum Khan: John Abela Award for Excellence in Research in Clinical Psychology

6. Ashley Swiecka: Shors Award for Excellence in Behavioral Neuroscience

7. Jakub Suchojad: Jacqueline B. Lewis Award for Excellent Non-Traditional Student

Based on several criterion, the Honors Committee also forwarded the names of the following students for consideration for the Henry Rutgers Scholar Award. The final decision on these awards is now with the Dean's Office, but they are certainly all highly deserving.

Yukti Bhatt

Amaya Chawla

Kate Dickman

Allison Eisenberg

Ankur Gaikwad

Sneha Kumar

Alexandra Kuziemski

Doriana Lacitignola

Ritika Merai

Serena Moghaddas

Susanne Molesko

Harrison Pauwels

Jakub Suchojad

Ashley Swiecka

Vani Vora

Danielle Wysocki

Suhani Yerapathi

Jasmine Yi

Congratulations again to ALL of our honors students. Please thank them for their efforts on behalf of our research programs and their invaluable contributions to the quality and recognition of our department. Of course, I’d like to thank our faculty who sponsor undergraduate research, as well as the members of our Honors Committee. Lastly, special thanks to Colleen Lord. As always, she is outstanding in her role administering this program. None of us would want to do it without her! 

Regards, -Lou Matzel, Honors Program Chair