Graduate Student Erin Gallert was awarded the New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science (NJ ACTS) Predoctoral Fellowship beginning July 1st, 2022. This National Institute of Health Clinical Translational Science Award (NIH CTSA) aims to “equip fellows with enhanced knowledge, skills, and abilities that provide a broad introduction to clinical and translational research…by focusing on the knowledge and expertise needed to conduct translational team research across disciplines”. Her project, titled “Examining Interactions Between Parental Alcohol Use Disorder and Genetic Factors on Physical and Mental Health Outcomes in Adulthood”, will focus on examining individual differences in genetic make-up as one such factor that may differentially sensitive individuals to the pathogenic effects of parental alcohol use disorder in early midlife. Guided by her mentor, Dr. Jessica Salvatore (RWJ Dept. of Psychiatry), Erin will partake in additional coursework and clinical training opportunities over the next 3 years to expand her understanding of conducting research within a translational framework.