Twelve Psychology Honors Students Receive The Henry Rutgers Scholar Award

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The Henry Rutgers Scholar Award recognizes graduating seniors and exceptional juniors who have completed outstanding independent research projects leading to a thesis in their major field of study or an interdisciplinary thesis. These awards are offered across all departments of the School of Arts and Sciences, and so represent only the very finest achievements of our students.

Congratulations to the 2022 Henry Rutgers Scholar Award Recipients.

Aldazia Green (advised by Lori Hoggard)

Alexa Becker (Arnold Glass)

Ashima Tiwari (Shana Cole)

Christopher Cardinale (Alexander Kusnecov)

Clara Angioletti (Jenny Wang)

Gabriela Rivera (Shana Cole)

Jake Rattigan (Richard Contrada)

Jessica Philip (Diana Sanchez)

Kathleen Kildosher (Teresa Leyro)

Long [Anna] Mui (Elisa Shernoff/ Edward Selby)

Molly Brennan (Estelle Mayhew)

Neeharika Patibanda (Mimi Phan/ Benjamin Samuels)