Professor Tracey Shors received Gantt Medal from the Pavlovian Society

Tracey Shors headshot 2021

Dr. Tracey Shors, Distinguished Professor in Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience in the Department of Psychology and Center for Collaborative Neuroscience at Rutgers University was awarded the 2021 Horsley Gantt Medal. This award is given “in honor of the noble pursuit of truth” and to individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the fields of psychology, physiology, behavioral neuroscience, psychophysiology, mental health, or medicine within the confines of Pavlovian conceptual models, or who have contributed significantly to the functioning of the Society.

W. Horsley Gantt founded the Pavlovian Society in 1955, after establishing one of the first Pavlovian laboratories in the U.S. at Johns Hopkins in 1929. He studied with Ivan Pavlov in St. Petersburg. The award was previously given to Robert Rescorla, Nick Mackintosh, Richard Thompson, and Ralph Miller, among other research scientists in the field of learning and memory.