Dr. Elizabeth Torres Receives the Prestigious Murray G. Osgood Innovation Award for Her Professional Accomplishments and Groundbreaking Research

torres headshtWe are extremely excited to announce that The Senate and General Assembly of New Jersey have passed a Joint Legislative Resolution to acknowledge Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Torres, and to praise her as an individual of strong character and exceptional determination. This legislature commends her and pays tribute to her meritorious record of service, leadership, and commitment to leading initiatives that have transformed research and treatments of autism in New Jersey. Dr. Torres' groundbreaking interdisciplinary work has played a large role in integrating diverse research programs, innovating and translating basic science to improve the lives of our community members. Her acknowledgment marks the first time that any faculty member of the Rutgers Psychology Department has been so honored. Please join the Psychology Department in offering a huge congratulations to Dr. Torres, who has just been awarded the extraordinary honor of being commended by the NJ State Legislature for her groundbreaking work and leadership in autism. Thank you for your work and for continuing to be an innovative researcher in the field. Please see the below acknowledgment from the NJ Senate. 


"Whereas, The Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey are pleased to salute Elizabeth B. Torres, PhD, a highly esteemed resident of the Garden State who will be honored during Celebrate the Children's Let's Play Gala, which will be held virtually on February 13, 2021; and,


Whereas, The prestigious Murray G. Osgood Innovation Award is being bestowed upon Dr. Elizabeth B. Torres in grateful recognition of her outstanding professional accomplishments and her groundbreaking research; and,


Whereas, Dr. Elizabeth B. Torres serves with distinction as Principal Investigator and Director of the New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence, and the depth of her knowledge and breadth of her experience have been essential in leading initiatives that transform autism medical research and treatments throughout our State; and,


Whereas, An illustrious graduate of the University of California San Diego's Ph.D. program, Dr. Elizabeth B. Torres shares her extraordinary expertise as a computational neuroscientist with a specialty in theoretical and empirical aspects of sensory motor integration and human cognition, and she has imparted her wisdom as a member of the Psychology Department at Rutgers University, as well as the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science and the Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling; and,


Whereas, Further renowned as the author of two acclaimed books on autism and biometrics, Dr. Elizabeth B. Torres spent a year at the National Institute of Aging, where she made important contribution to the development of computational models of cognition for use in geriatric medicine and completed graduate work in applied mathematics to neuro-motor control models in the field of cognitive science; and,

Whereas, Within all spheres of her life and work, Dr. Elizabeth B. Torres has established a model to emulate and has set a standard of excellence toward which others might strive; and,


Whereas, It is altogether proper and fitting for the New Jersey Legislature to acknowledge Dr. Elizabeth B. Torres and to praise her as an individual of strong character and exceptional determination; now, therefore,

    Be It Resolved by the Senate and General Assembly of New Jersey:

That this Legislature hereby commends Dr. Elizabeth B. Torres, pays tribute to her meritorious record of service, leadership, and commitment, and extends sincere best wishes for continued success in all her future endeavors; and,

   Be It Further Resolved, That a duly authenticated copy of this resolution, signed by the Senate President and the Assembly Speaker and attested by the Senate Secretary and the Assembly Cleark, be transmitted to Elizabeth B. Torres, PhD.


Stephen M. Sweeney                                 Craig J. Coughlin

President of the Senate                             Speaker of the General Assembly