McGann lab research featured in NY Times article on COVID and Smell

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Dr. John McGann's work, published in the journal Science in 2017 was recently cited by a New York Times article entitled "What Can Covid-19 Teach Us About the Mysteries of Smell?".

COVID-19 has now become notorious for robbing individuals of their sense of smell, taking research on smell to the forefront of many scientific discussions.  Indeed, many individuals had taken smell for granted, considering it one of their weaker senses and the one they were most willing to lose.  Nonetheless, as millions of Americans lose their smell, they have come to realize just how important this sense is for them.  In fact, the myth that human beings have a poor sense of smell is precisely the assertion challenged by Dr. McGann. His work demonstrated that humans have a much better sense of smell than we give them credit for, even outperforming canines or rodents in some cases.