Welcome to the Department of Psychology

  • Portrait
  • Robert Woolfolk
  • Professor
  • Email: rwool@psych.rutgers.edu
  • Phone: 1.8484452088
  • Office: Tillet Hall 607
  • Campus: Livingston
  • Areas: Clinical Psychology

Over the last few years I have been involved in three lines of work:

1. Psychotherapy Research

2. Empirical Ethics/Moral Psychology

3. Philosophical Underpinings of Psychology

In area (1) I have co-authored a book, entitled Treating Somatization: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach, providing theory, research, and practical guidelines for a new treatment for somatization, or medically unexplained physical symptoms, to use the current parlance. The treatment described therein is the first psychosocial treatment to receive preliminary empirical validation in a randomized controlled trial. This trial (see CV) appeared in Archives of Internal Medicine. I have also co-edited a book for The Guilford Press on stress reduction techniques, which will appear in 2007.

In area (2) a series of my empirical investigations recently appeared in Cognition. I also have written some work on this topic that appears is philosophy outlets.

In area (3) I have recently authored an article that critiques certain putatively philosophically-informed qualitative approaches to psychotherapy research. I will be giving some talks to various groups that present work I doing on the concepts related to health, illness, happiness, and human flourishing.

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