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Welcome Alumni and Friends of the Psychology Department!

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The Alumni and Friends of the Psychology department play a huge role in our success! As an alumnus or alumna, you are already one of the best ambassadors for the proud tradition of Psychology at Rutgers. Rutgers alumni have jobs all around the country and around the world. For ways to continue to stay involved, check out the links on the right. You can also find out about some really cool alumni benefits here!

The Psychology Department is also eternally grateful to the many friends of Rutgers and the Psychology Department. Gifts to Rutgers and the Psychology Department provide opportunities for students that they might not otherwise have.

Recent and Notable Alumni:

Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience

  • Dr. Alan Leshner
    Chief Executive Officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Executive Publisher of the journal Science
    Washington, DC
  • Dr. Ralph Miller
    Distinguished Professor of Psychology
    State University of New York, Binghamton
    Binghamton, NY
  • Dr. Christopher Herzog
    Senior Scientist
    Ceregene, Inc.
    San Diego, CA
  • Dr. Sharon Walsh
    Professor of Behavioral Science and Psychiatry
    Executive Director of the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research
    University of Kentucky
    Lexington, KY
  • Dr. Robin Kanarek
    Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
    Tufts University
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Dr. David Epstein
    Research Scientist
    National Institute on Drug Abuse
    Baltimore, MD
  • Dr. David H. Root
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Psychology
    University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Dr. Ken Light
    Senior Lecturer
    Department of Neuroscience & Behavior and Psychology
    Barnard College
  • Dr. Sisi Ma
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Biomedical Health Informatics
    University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Debra Bangasser
    Associate Professor
    Department of Psychology and Neuroscience/Center for Substance Abuse
    Temple University

Clinical Psychology

  • Dr. Kelly Brownnell
    Professor of Public Policy and Dean
     Sanford School of Public Policy
    Duke University
  • Dr. R. Lorraine Collins
    Professor, Department of Community Health and Health Behavior and Associate Dean for Research
    School of Public Health and Health Professions
    University at Buffalo, State University of New York
  • Dr. Melissa Kalarachian
    Associate Professor of Psychology and School of Nursing
    Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing
    Duquesne University
  • Dr. Robyn Sysko
    Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology
    Department of Psychiatry, College of Physicians & Surgeons
    Columbia University
  • Dr. Eric B. Heckler
    Assistant Professor
    School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
    Arizona State University
  • Dr. Lisa McAndrew
    Assistant Professor of Counseling
    School of Education
    University at Albany, State University of New York
  • Dr. Suzannah Iadarola
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Pediatrics
    University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Dr. Rebecca Price
    Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
    Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
    University of Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Haruka Minami
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Fordham University
  • Dr. Amy (Hansford) Cohen
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology
    University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • Dr. Joseph Cohen
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Cognitive Psychology

  • Dr. Patrice Tremoulet
    Advanced Technology Laboratories
    Lockheed Martin 
  • Dr. Kimberly Boller
    Policy Research
  • Dr. Zsuzsa Kaldy
    Department of Psychology
    University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • Dr. David Melcher
    Associate Professor
    Center for Mind/Brain Sciences
    University of Trento, Italy
  • Dr. Brian Scholl
     Professor of Psychology
    Chair of the Cognitive Sciences Program
    Yale University
  • Dhanraj Vishwanath
    School of Psychology and Neuroscience
    University of St. Andrews

Social Psychology

  • Dr. Leigh S. Wilton
    Assistant Professor
    Skidmore College
  • Dr. George F. Chaves
    Assistant Professor
    Bloomsburg University
  • Dr. Thomas R. Cain
    Visting  Assistant Professor
    Hampshire College
  • Dr. Jessica J. Good
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Psychology
    Davidson University
  • Dr. Corinne A. Moss-Racusin
    Associate Professor
    Department of Psychology
    Skidmore College
  • Dr. Julie Phelan
    Research Analyst
    Langer Research Associates
  • Dr. Jarret T. Crawford
     Assistant Professor
    The College of New Jersey
  • Dr. Tara Broccoli
     Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences
    Mitchell College
  • Dr. Amanda H. Moreno 
    Survey Research Associate
    Consumers Union
  • Dr. Marco DiBonaventura
    Health Economics and Outcomes Research
    Health Sciences Practice, Kantar Health
  • Dr. Matthew C. Dohn
    Assistant Professor
    Dept. of Psychology
    Muhlenberg College
  • Dr. Kimberly Fairchild
    Assistant Professor
    Manhattan College
  • Dr. Gozde Ozakinci 
    University of St. Andrews, UK
  • Dr. Jill Egeth 
    Senior Human Factors Engineer
    Social, Behavioral, and Linguistic Sciences Directorate
    the MITRE Non-Profit Corporation for the Public Interest
  • Dr. Kim Kelly
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology, & Medical Genetics
    The Ohio State University
  • Dr. Stephanie Madon
     Associate Professor
    Department of Psychology
    Iowa State University
  • Dr. Andrew F. Simon
    Associate Professor
    Department of Psychology
    Seton Hall University
  • Dr. Laura Pople 
    Psychology Editor
    Worth Publishers

A History of Psychology at Rutgers

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