Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the prerequisites for declaring the major?
    Students following the Fall 2017 major requirements must complete the following courses with grade of C or better in each:
    • General Psychology (01:830:101 or equivalent)
    • Quantitative Methods (01:830:200 or equivalent)

      A math requirement is no longer required for the major. Students must have completed Elementary Algebra (640:025 or higher), transferred an equivalent or higher course, or placed out of 640:025 to enroll in Quantitative Methods in Psychology
  • Does a core course count if I get a D in it?
    Yes; however, your overall GPA in the major must be 2.0 or higher for graduation. The only courses that have specific grade requirements are General Psychology, Quantitative Methods, and the Lecture/Lab combination, which must have grades of C or better to complete the major. (Note: All courses taken elsewhere must have grades of C or better to be transferred to Rutgers.)

  • If I enroll in Study Abroad program, will I be able to take courses there that will count toward my psychology major or minor?
    In most cases courses taken in a Study Abroad program will transfer as electives for the psychology major/minor providing that they are taken in a Psychology department or program at that university. In general, we believe that studying abroad is a valuable experience, and we work with students to assist them in completing the major as effectively as possible. See the psychology advisors before you leave to get courses pre-approved. When you return and the courses have transferred, contact us to have them moved into your major/minor on degree navigator.

  • If I completed psychology courses at a county or community college, will they transfer toward the major at Rutgers?
    Some will, but there are limits. General Psychology typically transfers, and equivalent courses are often available for Quantitative Methods in Psychology. Beyond that, only two psychology electives may be transferred as lower level electives for the major or minor.  Transfer courses from community colleges do not substitute for the core courses, labs, or 400 level courses.
  • May I apply credits from on-line courses to the psychology major or minor?
    Usually yes.  Submissions of syllabi or detailed course descriptions are required for approval.    All online courses must meet for a minimum of 4 weeks.

  • May I apply winter-session or other short-session courses to the psychology major or minor?
    Usually yes. However, the courses must meet for a minimum of 4 weeks.  Submissions of syllabi or detailed course descriptions are required for approval.

  • Can a course in statistics be substituted for Quantitative Methods in Psychology?
    You may substitute any of the following courses for Quant. Methods:  01:960:212, 01:960:384, 01:960:401, 01:220:322, 21:830:301, 62:830:301, 50:830:250, 33:623:385, 01:377:275,  01:920:312.. Courses not listed require submission of syllabi for approval.

  • How many credits may I transfer toward the major in psychology?
    Majors declared as of Fall 2017:
    The number of electives for the major increases from 15 to 18 credits and student must complete 6 of  the 18 elective credits at Rutgers, New Brunswick. No more than two psychology electives (6 credits) may be applied from a two-year institution.  No non-classroom courses (research, fieldwork, internship) will be accepted towards the major or minor.

  • If I do volunteer work or have a job in some area that is directly relevant to psychology, can I obtain credit toward the major as an internship?
    No. All of our fieldwork and internship opportunities occur through our formal course offerings. We encourage our students to participate in these worthwhile outside activities but do not give academic credit for them.

  • If I get a D or an F in a course and re-take it, does the new grade replace the old one, or do I receive the average?
    That depends. For calculation of your GPA in the major, we use only the higher grade and ignore the other one. However, SAS may have different rules depending on your academic status. You should consult with the SAS Advising Center to learn how retaking a course will appear on your transcript.

  • Which grades are used to calculate the gpa in the major?
    Psychology courses (830 subject number),  the statistics course fulfilling the major requirements, taken at Rutgers (New Brunswick, Camden, Newark) and approved study abroad programs that satisfy major requirements, are used to calculate the major gpa on the Degree Navigator. When courses are repeated, only the higher grade is used. If you have completed courses beyond the requirements of the major, Degree Navigator will not include them in calculating your gpa—graduate schools and employers may want the extra psychology courses included in your major gpa. 

  • Am I required to take a non-classroom course such as fieldwork or research?
    No. Under the current major you may use up to 3 credits of these courses toward the major or minor  elective requirement.  Majors declared as of Fall 2017:  You may use up to 6 credits of  these courses toward the  major elective requirement; the minor maximum remains 3 credits.

  • Do ‘psychology’ courses from other departments (e.g., Psychology of Sports) apply toward the major or minor?
    No.  All courses toward the major or minor must either (a) have the 01:830 subject index,  (b) be an approved transfer course, or (c) be an official cross-listed course with another department.

You may check your progress on the undergraduate psychology requirements page.