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830:410 Advanced Topics in Psychobiololgy


“What is intelligence?”
This may seem a simple question to answer, but the study and measurement
of intelligence (or its quantitative description, IQ) is one of the most controversial (and elusive) topics
in the history of psychology.

Here we will provide an overview of the principal issues and controversies surrounding this fascinating area, including the development of intelligence, theories of intelligence, environmental effects on intelligence, the cognitive processes that regulate intelligence, the social and functional impacts of intelligence, and the neural basis for variations in intelligence. 


Any one of the following: 830: 303 (Memory), 830:305 (Cognition), 830:310
(Neuropsychology),  830:311 (Conditioning and Learning) , or 830: 313 (Physiological Psychology)
(Jr/Sr 830 Major or permission of instructor is a prereq for Adv Topics/400 Level courses)

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