Course Descriptions/Sample Syllabi

830:210 Behavioral Data Analysis


Quantitative methods used in psychological research. Intended for students who have completed an introductory course in quantitative methods that included basic descriptive and inferential statistics, and correlation and regression, but did not include both single-factor and two-factor analysis of variance. 

This course is intended for students who wish to major in psychology, and have taken a quantitative methods or statistics course that does not include single-factor and two-factor analysis of variance. Students must have achieved a grade of C or better in that course in order to qualify for 830:210. The following courses (or their transfer equivalents) qualify students for 830:210:

  • 01:960:211 – Statistics I
  • 01:960:285 – Business Statistics
  • 01:960:379 – Basic Probability and Statistics

Students who complete this course with a grade of C or better will be considered to have met the Quantitative Methods requirement for the Psychology Major. Note that credit will not be given for both 830:200 and 830:210. Students who have taken 830:200 but did not receive a grade of C or better cannot use 830:210 to meet the Quantitative Methods requirement – they must retake 830:200 (or an equivalent course).


Students wishing to take this course must provide documentation showing that they have met the prerequisite. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for this purpose. Contact the department staff for a special permission number.

The following courses (and transfer equivalents) are viewed as equivalent to 830:200; students who have earned a grade of C or better are considered to have met the Quantitative Methods requirement for the major.

  • 01:960:212 – Statistics II
  • 01:960:384 – Intermediate Statistical Analysis
  • 01:960:401 – Statistics for Research
  • 01:220:322 – Econometrics
  • 01:377:275 – Basic Statistics for Exercise Science
  • 10:762:205 – Basic Statistical Methods
  • 33:136:385 – Statistical Methods for Business

Sample Syllabi