Intradisciplinary Health Psychology

Health Psychology at Rutgers is an intradisciplinary program for training Psychology graduate students, who are enrolled in one of the four Psychology Doctoral Programs, in the conduct of research concerning physical health and disease. The emphasis is on theoretically-based empirical research aimed at increasing understanding of the mechanisms underlying the reciprocal relationships linking psychological/behavioral factors to physical health outcomes such as disease, disability, and mortality.

Graduate training in Health Psychology covers three broad topic areas:

I. Psychophysiological processes in the initiation and progression of physical diseases

II. Health-promoting and health-damaging behaviors

III. Adaptation to physical disease


Health Psychology students are enrolled in and complete the requirements of one of the following main areas of graduate study in the Psychology department: Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, or Social Psychology.


The Health Program requires completion of additional health-related courses agreed upon by the student and the advisor. Health Psychology students participate in collaborative research with faculty from several departments/units:


Documents for Current Students

The access password for the documents can be obtained through the Senior Graduate Administrator.


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