Clinical Internship

1.   The clinical internship is one year of full-time clinical training designed to provide the student with intensive clinical experience under supervision.

2.   Completion of the clinical internship is a requirement for completion of the doctoral degree.  Degree requirements are not considered met without certification from the Director of the internship that the student has met all internship requirements satisfactorily.

3.   Students are encouraged to consult closely with their research mentor or clinical mentor and the Clinical Area Coordinator in selecting sites to apply to for internship training. Students should select internship sites based on training needs, and the degree to which the internship fits into the student’s long-term career path. Except under extraordinary circumstances, students should apply only to internships approved by the American Psychological Association.

4.   Rules and regulations for the internship application, interview, and selection process are defined by the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC).  Students are expected to know and abide by these rules and regulations. Because the procedures governing the internship selection process change each year, they are not included in the student handbook. Students should access the APPIC website ( regularly to obtain current information. 

5.   Requirements for application to clinical internships:

a.    Completion of the Master of Science degree

b.   Completion of the Qualifying Examination

c.    Written certification to the Clinical Area Coordinator by the research mentor that the student is making acceptable progress on the doctoral dissertation and has successfully defended his/her dissertation proposal prior to applying for internship (by October 15), unless the student obtains a waiver of this requirement. 

d.   Written certification from the Director of the Psychological Clinic that all clinic paperwork is current and complete.

e.    Successful completion of second and third year clinical practica and affirmation by the Clinical Faculty in our semi-annual reviews that the student is clinically “ready” for internship.

6.   Additional requirement for submitting the matching list for internship: Students who were granted a waiver of the requirement of successfully defending a dissertation proposal defense prior to October 15 must have successfully defended their dissertation proposal prior to submitting an internship matching list.