Welcome to the Department of Psychology

The individuals below have served as advisors to all aspects of course development and credentialing, based on extensive experience with SEL. Character Education, and online learning.

Janet Patti, Hunter College, School of Education, Founding Member, CASEL Leadership Team, Director, NYC Leadership Development projects using SEL

Larry Leverett, Executive Director, Panasonic Educational Foundation, Former Supt. of Schools in Plainfield (NJ) and Greenwich (CT), former Assistant Commissioner for Urban Education (NJ)

Jacqueline Norris, Retired from positions as Dean, College of New Jersey, College of Education, Department Chairperson, Elementary Administration, Past Member, Blue Ribbon Panel, National Schools of Character, Character Education Partnership, Assistant Superintendent, Principal and Teacher in Piscataway Public Schools

Ed Dunkelblau, Director, Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Education (IL), Past Member, Blue Ribbon Panel, National Schools of Character, Character Education Partnership, Past Director of Training for CASEL, Consultant to CEP around implementation of High School SECD

Jim Vetter, Education Development Center, former Program Director for the Open Circle Program

Joan Duffell, Executive Director, Committee for Children, Developer, Second Step family of curricula internationally

Norris Haynes, Southern Connecticut State College, Director of the Center for Community Action Research, Graduate Program in School Psychology and Counseling, Past Program Researcher, Comer Project, Past Chairperson, AERA School Climate Interest Group, Founding Member, CASEL Leadership Team

Jessica Berlinski, Chief Learning Officer, Personalized Learning Games.com, designer of SEL/CD

Rebecca Irby, Former Technology Consultant to DSACS, now Founding Partner and Director of PEAC Institute | Peace Education & Art Communication, Rebecca and Ed Dunkelblau were primarily developers of the technical elements of the on-line course architecture and web site format for the Direct Instruction pilot courses at Rutgers

Victoria Blakeney, Former SEL Curriculum Coordinator, Anchorage Alaska Public Schools

Melissa A. Maras-Department of Educational, School and Counseling Psychology University of Missouri, expert on sustainable school-based interventions across professional groups

Joanne MacLennan, SECD Specialist, College of Saint Elizabeth, former school counselor, online course instructor

Natercia Rendeiro, Vice President of the NJ Social Workers Association and School Social Work Supervisor, Newark, New Jersey

William Neigher, Vice President, System Development and Chief Strategy Officer,
Atlantic Health System

Barry Barbarasch, NJ Association of School Psychologists and Hamilton Twp. Public Schools

J. Barry Mascari, NJ School Counselors Association and Kean University; former SEL Coordinator, Clifton Township Public Schools

Carol Churgin, Association of Student Assistance Professionals, NJ and Newark Public Schools, Parent Coordinator

Elizabeth Warner, Community Impact Manager, Education/Youth Empowerment Alliance (YEA), United Way of Northern New Jersey, Co-Director, CSE/YEA School Culture and Climate Initiative of Northern New Jersey and Morris County School Support Network

Philip Brown, Former Director, NJ Center for Social and Character Development and Founder, NJ Alliance for Social-Emotional and Character Development, Consultant, National School Climate Center

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