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The online system for this level will be the Canvas Learning Management System, which is a comprehensive, on-demand, online learning solution available for the delivery of fully online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses. The Canvas site for this program will include course content, syllabus, links to other online resources, and a discussion board to upload your assignments and to communicate with your classmates. You will be provided with information to ensure that your computer has a compatible browser to accommodate Canvas.  If synchronous meetings (Live Chats) are determined you will be notified of the time, day and the specifics regarding downloading the online meeting tool to join.

For Windows : Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

  • Chrome 40
  • Fire Fox 34 and 35
  • Internet 10 and 11

For MAC OS : OSX 10.9, 10.10, 10.8, 10.7

  • Chrome 40
  • Safari and up
  • Firefox 31 and 32

Note: These requirements are for Canvas itself. Plugins or players noted below may have their own system requirements. Also for more information you can check the help tab tool within the course. The help tab is located across the top of your screen.

Technical Tools for Course Interaction:

The following are a list of technical tools that are used throughout the courses. These tools are located across the top of your screen once you begin your course.

  1. Drop box is the private place to submit your work. This is where you send to the instructor exercises and your various novel chapters. This is also where you 'pick up' your critiqued work.
  2. Threaded Discussion is a public discussion forum where questions can be posted and responded to. We will be posting topics for discussion in which you will be expected to participate. Information can be found within the course at the first Threaded Discussion.
  3. Journal is a private place to post your personal thoughts and reactions to readings and/or activities. You will be required to submit your journal entries to us upon request.
  4. Live Chat – A synchronous group meeting occurring in real time online. You will be notified if and when this discussion chat will occur and what tool to download in order to participate. It is recommended that you test out your audio system and the Live Chat tool prior to the scheduled Live Chat. Headsets and a quiet atmosphere are required during the chats.
  5. Course Tools Help – This item under Course Home provides you with any and all information and/or questions regarding navigating around your course.

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