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Short Courses and Programs for Certifcate and/or specialty

For those who have successfully completed our General or Accelerated Track Programs, the following short courses/programs are considered specialty courses earning specialty certificates.  A new certificate with the specific specialty earned will be noted on the certificate.

For those who would be taking the following courses/programs as a stand alone will receive a program certificate for the specific program.

 (500) The Social-Emotional Learning Lab Two-Course Online Certificate Program

This two course program will add another dimension to your SECD prevention Program.  The SEL Lab will be a welcomed addition to your SECD programming.  It allows students who are having difficulty internalizing and generalizing SECD skills  taught, to learn specific skills in a one on one setting.  Requirement for this program: Book purchase https://www.researchpress.com/product/social-emotional-learning-lab/


501 - Social-Emotional Learning Lab Course (2)

The first course is a 12 week course that will take students through the start-up and facilitation of initiating and implementing your SEL Lab.   Cost: $324.00          click here to register


 502 - Social-Emotional Learning Lab Practicum Course (1)

The second course (the practicum) is a 10 week course that will allow students to start up their lab and begin working with students under the mentorship of our trained and experience SEL Lab Instructors.

 Cost: $318.00


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