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Psychology Syllabi

2016-Spring Advanced Topics Courses

Spring 2016 Adv Topics Course Descriptions
830:400 Advanced Statistical Methods in Psychology
830:401 Advanced Topics in Human Cognition
830:403 Programming for Behavioral Scientists
830:410 Advanced Topics in Psychobiology
830:412 Neuropsychopharmacology
830:415 History of Brain Science
830:421 Advanced Topics in Social Psychology
830:422 Advanced Topics in Social Psychology
830:451 Advanced Topics in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
830:452 Advanced Topics in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
830:453 Systems of Psychotherapy
830:470 History of Psychology
830:481 Advanced Topics in Visual Perception
830:484 Language Acquisition

830:302 Sensation and Perception Lab

Spring 2016 Kleene Rubinstein Semizer Tanrikulu    
Fall 2015 Sauce Silva            Destler            Semizer           Kleene                 
Summer 2015 Persaud          
Spring 2015 Fox Kleene Ryu Semizer    
Fall 2014 Kleene       Semizer   Sinha         Tanrikulu                
Spring 2014 Rehrig           Ross Santos Yoon    
Fall 2013 Ferrito Phan Ross Santos Tanrikulu  
Summer 2013 Kleene (b6)          
Spring 2013 Bowles Cox Kharkwal Kleene Santos Sinha
Fall 2012 Kharkwal Kleene Ross Santos Zhao  
Summer 2012 Ross Santos        
Spring 2012 Cholewiak Santos Suarez      
Fall 2011 General syllabus          

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