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Major Requirements

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Requirements for the Major

(Note, Fall 2017 Requirements for the Psychology Major will change.  Please click here for changes)

1. Foundation Courses for Declaration of Major

The prerequisite for declaring the major in psychology is completion of the following courses with a grade of C or better in each:

  • General Psychology
  • Quantitative Methods or equivalent (prerequisite for all lab courses)
  • One 4-credit content course and lab combination (see note )

2. Four Sub-discipline Core Courses 

A separate course must be selected from each of the following four sub-discipline clusters.  These four courses must be taken within the 01:830 subject index of the SAS Department of Psychology:

Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience

830:310 Neuropsychology
830:311 Learning Processes (formerly Conditioning & Learning)
830:313 Physiological Psychology
830:361 Developmental Psychobiology

Clinical Psychology

830:310 Neuropsychology
830:340 Abnormal Psychology
830:346 Atypical Development in Childhood and Adolescence
830:394 Community Psychology and Community Health

Cognitive Psychology

830:301 Sensation & Perception
830:303 Memory & Attention
830:305 Cognition
830:351 Psychology of Language

Social Psychology

830:321 Social Psychology
830:338 Personality Psychology
830:373 Organization & Personnel Psychology
830:377 Health Psychology

3. Five Psychology Electives

Five psychology electives to be selected from the department's complete set of course offerings. These may include any additional courses from the sub-discipline core categories above (i.e., selections beyond those required to meet the sub-discipline distribution requirement).

No more than three credits of non-classroom courses such as field work, research, or internships may be applied toward the major. The additional credits do, however apply toward the overall graduation credits and students are encouraged to take additional credits.

No more than two lower level psychology courses may be applied toward the five electives.

All 400-level psychology electives have the prerequisites of a 4-credit lab course plus at least one core course. Individual courses may have additional prerequisites and instructors may grant special permission to enroll.

Transfer courses may be applied, but at least one of the electives must be completed within the SAS Department of Psychology. No more than two courses may be applied from two-year institutions.

4. Upper Level Elective

Majors must complete one 400-level elective within the 01:830 subject index of the SAS Department of Psychology.  400-level courses require students to have declared the psychology major.

Students are strongly encouraged to select writing-intensive courses. These courses provide an opportunity for the student to demonstrate the ability to delve deeply into a subsection of psychology and address the types of questions and issues that confront the experts in the field.

5. College-level Math Course

All students must complete a college-level math course in addition to the statistics requirement above.  We strongly recommend precalculus, but other math classes will also fulfill the requirement.

6. GPA Requirement

A cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.0 in all psychology (01:830) courses including, if available, up to 6 credits of Honors Research in Psychology or up to 3 credits of other non-classroom credits in psychology.

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