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Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience

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Applications for admission in September are due December 15 of the previous year.  See the How to Apply section of the Graduate Program Overview.


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The Graduate Program in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience at Rutgers University is an internationally recognized program that emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis of the biological determinants of behavior. The faculty has a record of research productivity and extramural support which provides an exceptionally strong research oriented environment. The goal of the program is to prepare students to be at the forefront of research in behavioral neuroscience by providing a broad background of training in contemporary neurobiology and the traditional disciplines of behavioral sciences.


The laboratories and offices of the core Behavioral Neuroscience faculty are housed in the Psychology Building on the Busch Science Campus. Our animal research facilities were explicitly designed to provide optimal support for behavioral neuroscience research involving rodent and avian species. Associate faculty are located on Busch Campus in the Medical School, the Center for Alcohol Studies, and the Nelson Biology Laboratories. Many of our core faculty actively collaborate with members of the Dept. of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, the Dept. of Toxicology, Dept. of Pharmacology, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Students become involved in research during their first semester and complete a basic core of required and elective courses in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience during their first two years. The breadth of faculty interests and expertise permits students to create a program of study tailored to their particular interests.

The research programs of individual faculty emphasize the analysis of behavior from psychological, pharmacological, neurophysiological, endocrinological, immunological, developmental and ecological perspectives. Specific research interests of Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience faculty include the neural substrates of learning and memory, the neurobiological determinants of drug addiction, psychoneuroimmunology, and the psychopharmacology of nervous system disorders including Parkinson's disease and autism.

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