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Principal Investigator

Area of Psychology

Social & Organizational Psychology Lab Jack Aiello Social-Organizational
Psychophysiology Laboratory Richard Contrada Social-Clinical-Health
Rutgers Social & Emotional Learning Lab Maurice Elias Clinical
Visual Cognition Laboratory Jacob Feldman Cognitive
Learning & Memory Laboratory Arnold Glass Cognitive
Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center Sandra Harris Clinical
Social Perception Lab Lee Jussim Social
Eye Movements, Vision & Cognition Lab Eileen Kowler Cognitive
Cognitive Development Laboratory Alan M. Leslie Cognitive
Behav. Neuroscience & the Olfactory System Lab John McGann Behav. & Syst. Neuroscience
Psycholinguistics Lab Julien Musolino Cognitive
Memory Formation & Storage in the Mammalian Brain Lab Timothy Otto Behav. & Syst. Neuroscience
Social Cognition Lab Laurie Rudman Social
Emotion & Psychopathology Lab Edward Selby Clinical-Health
Behavioral Neuroscience Lab Tracey Shors Behav. & Syst. Neuroscience
Language Acquisition & Neurolinguistics Lab Karin Stromswold Cognitive
Sensory-Motor Integration Lab Elizabeth Torres Cognitive-BSN
Neurobiology of Vocal Learning Lab David Vicario Behav. & Syst. Neuroscience
Neurophysiology Lab Mark West Behav. & Syst. Neuroscience
Stigma, Health & Close Relationships Lab Diana Sanchez Social



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