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Professors Leonard Hamilton and Daniel Ogilvie discuss "Soul Beliefs".

Professor Tracey Shors talks about neurogenesis.

Autism video - Torres/Rehrig

Professors Tracey Shors and Brandon Alderman discuss Exercise & Meditation

Maurice Elias with host Christopher De Michele from Enrichment Resource Group on Vimeo.

Maurice and Christopher discuss the history and trends in Social and Emotional Learning and Character Development (SEL/SECD), as well as School Climate. This dialog includes many key influences for growing an inspired, empathic, resilient, knowledgeable, creative, healthy society. They touch on prenatal, parenting, school and district-wide learning environments, empowering teachers and administrations, leading organizations and resources, and much more...

The Science Network conversation with Professor Rochel Gelman at the 33rd Annual Cognitive Science Conference -lectures and conversations with distinguished cognitive scientists.  July 20-23, 2011 - Boston, Massachusetts.

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